About Nichols Nook

A Nichols Family Legacy

Grandparents, Chris & Naomi Nichols (Nomie & Papa), the extended Nichols family and parents, Ron & Kay Nichols

Nichols is the maiden name of owner, Beth Nichols Walker. She and her husband, Scott, founded Nichols Nook in 2016. The heart of the Nook is a tribute to Beth’s parents, Ron & Kay Nichols along with her grandparents, Nomie & Papa (Chris and Naomi Nichols). Beth’s parents passed away at too young of an age in 2007 and 2012, both from cancer. Beth’s dad loved coffee & tea, her mom loved “nooks & crannies” and they both loved to read…thus books, coffee, tea, presents, and “nooks” are the core of the Nichols Nook. But the heart of the Nook will always be the legacy of love for family that has now been passed down from Nomie & Papa through four generations.

The Walker Family – Scott, Beth, Ben & Sam

From our family to yours

As Scott & Beth were taking one of their frequent walks down Springville’s historic Main Street district on a Spring Day in 2016, they peered into the large plate glass windows of the charming, but empty, 1892 storefront…just as they had many times before. The building had been restored to its former glory, or maybe even better, a few years before by a local resident, Carole Dawkins. After her meticulous restoration to bring the historic building back to life, it was used as a business office for a few years. It had most recently been a boutique and interior decorator showroom called The Good Life. It was well decorated and brought some great life and beauty to the downtown historic district. After the interior decorator relocated back to Birmingham, the building became an empty space again. Each time Scott & Beth would walk by the empty building, they would say… “This building is too nice to be empty.” and “Somebody needs to do this.” or “Somebody needs to do that.” Then after repeating this same scene over many days and months, one day Scott asked “Why do we keep saying somebody should do something? Maybe WE should be the somebody?

And that’s when the journey began – After spending a few weeks in prayer along with pondering and exploring inside the building and the courtyards, they decided to give it a go. It was a blank canvas but still full of charm at the core with original tongue and groove wood walls, ceilings, and floors. The original concept of a store name was going to be “Oh Happy Day” because Beth wanted it to be a place of happiness where people could take a break from the busyness of the world around them, even if just for a few minutes. She wanted to make sure everyone was at least a little bit happier when they left than when they first arrived.  She knew that the main aspects of the store would need to be based on books, coffee, tea, and presents, but still didn’t have a complete vision. Once the custom bookshelves were built by a local craftsman and they got a few pieces of custom built furniture in, the concept of the seating “nooks” started coming to life. After wondering many times over the next few months what they had gotten themselves into, the store eventually opened up in late November 2016 as Nichols Nook. The store was welcomed and embraced the by the local community with great support. It continued to grow and evolve over the next few years.  They never could have imagined all of the blessings they would receive through all of the friendships that were fostered as well as new friendships formed at the Nook.

“Nooksters” – the amazing staff members that make it all possible

“Nooksters” – the amazing staff members that make it all possible

However, by 2019 Scott & Beth accepted the reality of how hard it is to run a small business in a small town. So, they decided they needed a “few weeks” to re-evaluate the business model in hopes of making it sustainable. So, they “temporarily” closed in July of 2019…but those few weeks turned into a few months, then a year, then a pandemic. Then finally July of 2021, they were able to re-launch as Nichols Nook Community Coffee House. What started out in 2016 as more of a gift shop and bookstore that had a little coffee was re-imagined with the primary focus of being a community coffee house that had a few gifts and books. Nichols Nook is now just one small part of a special downtown historic district that is continuing to be revitalized. Thanks to the efforts other existing and new business owners plus amazing community support, Springville’s historic district has become the place where people meet to eat, shop, and play. The Nook has become a spot where friends can gather together and where new friendships are made…and that’s what community is all about!

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